Chinese Tencent Company Develops Efficient Micro-Modular Data Centers

Tencent is one of the largest ISPs in China. The company has invested huge resources into R&D. One of their main areas of interest has been the of High Voltage Direct current in micro-modular data centers. Recently, the company has made a lot of progress in this area.
Why Their Micro-Modular Data Center Is Special
The company has started distribution of its new micro-modular data centers. These data centers are rolled out after rigorous testing. Since the technology is still new, this is important in order to correct any problems early on. After numerous tests, they have begun rolling out a standardized version of their new data centers.
Tencent views a micro-modular data center as a unit with several racks it also contains a power supply, cooling, cabling, distribution, and monitoring systems. They view the micro-modular data center as a small version of something huge. However, everything it still functions as it should.
The company’s micro modular centers are based on the more efficient power supply and cooling solutions. Unlike traditional data centers, theirs does not need a raised floor cooling. They utilize a combination of cold aisle containment and in-row cooling. As a result, they use less power for cooling. Thus, they cut down costs.
How Do They Increase Power Efficiency
The company achieves efficiency by doing away with UPSs. The company utilizes Grid (50%) and HVDC (50%). With this model, the power grid efficiency reaches 100%. When the data center is in Sleep Mode, the HVDC reaches up to 94% efficiency. As a result, their data center can achieve efficiency of up to 97%. In addition, the entire system can be made in such a way that it uses the grid primarily. With the HVDC acting as a backup power source, the system can achieve 99% efficiency.

Tencent’s Pingshan Micro-Modular Data Center
The data center is made up of micro modules only. The company used the setup to demonstrate fast deployment and high efficiency. It is one of the company’s largest data centers to date. The company completed the entire project in just four months. It was completed in two phases. The company completed 20 micromodules in the first phase. In the second phase, they were able to complete 40 of them. In total, there were 1,200 racks completed.
The company has deployed two type of micro modules. One contains 18 racks, while the other has 12 racks. As a result, they were able to make good use of all available space. Although the data center is in a subtropical climate, they were able to use efficiency in power usage.
Development trend
Micromodules have become popular in China and around the world. Internet giants like Facebook, Google, and Yahoo now use the technology for their data centers. In addition, some ICT giants are also developing their micro modules.
Because it is still quite new, the technology is still lacking in regulation. The future will depend on the standards developed around the technology. Regulatory bodies are working hard to create standards for it.

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